Privacy Policy

We respect and protect your privacy!

Privacy Policy

PC Components Company will not sell or share any information that you provide with any third parties. In addition, we do not store your credit card information on our servers.

We collect contact information for sales and marketing purposes as described herein. Acceptance of this policy is therefore a condition of doing business with our company. If you can not agree to this condition, you may contact our Retail division, PremierChoiceComponents.

When you request a price quotation you will be asked to provide an email address that we may use to send a written quotation. Our DistiMaster™ Software subsequently generates the quotation from our SALES system, and emails it to you immediately.

At some point in the future, your information will be uploaded into our MARKETING system and you will receive a Welcome email message.

The Welcome message allows you to unsubscribe, or to select which lists you wish to subscribe. If you subscribe to any list, you will only receive relevant and appropriate messages for that specific topic. We never send indiscriminate bulk messages. If you select the unsubscribe option, you will no longer receive any emails from the MARKETING side of our business, regardless how many future quotes are issued by our Sales Department.

Unfortunately, you can not unsubscribe, or manage your subscriptions, until you receive the Welcome message from our Marketing system. Unsubscribing is permanent, although you can resubscribe at any time.

Messages send in Accordance with this Policy are not SPAM. Marking these messages as SPAM may result in your entire company being added to our Do Not Quote list.

If you contact us and are told that we are unable to quote you because your company is on our Do Not Quote list, it may be because someone from your company marked one of our emails as SPAM. We understand that SPAM is a huge problem and support regulations to restrict it, however, messages sent in accordance with this policy are not SPAM. Marking messages as SPAM can adversly effect a companies ability to market itself and its products. If your company has been added to our Do Not Quote list, and you would like your quoting privileges restored, please have an owner or executive officer of your company forward a letter requesting such to