Executive Bios


P. Steve CalabriaP. Steve Calabria
CEO and President

Steve holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering from the College of New Jersey (formerly TSC) and considers himself one of the industry’s original “brokers.”

Steve launched his career in the electronics industry as a Bench Technician for the Lockheed Corporation (Lockheed-Martin) in Watchung, New Jersey in 1978 and soon accepted a position as an Engineer with IBM in Essex Junction, Vermont, one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers (OCMs).  Subsequently, Steve worked as a Component Engineer, Quality Engineer, and Engineering Manager for various OEM and CM organizations including Electronic Associates Incorporated (EAI) and Base Ten Systems, a defense subcontractor.  

Steve founded PC Components in 1984 as the purchasing division of PC Enterprises, the company remembered for its line of upgrades for Tandy 1000 and IBM PC, PCjr, and EduQuest computers.

Steve completed the IDEA Inspection Workshop in 2008 and believes the IDEA Inspection Workshops and IDEA-ICE-3000 Professional Inspector Certification exams have made PCC a much better company and that they should be adopted by all companies involved in the Independent Distribution industry.


Joseph P. Calabria Sr. Joseph P. Calabria Sr.
Director of Administration

Joseph Calabria holds an Associate's Degree from Brookdale Community College in Electronics Engineering Technology and a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.  Joseph's career in the electronics industry began in 1994 while working for PC Enterprises, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of computer upgrades.  In 1997 he was promoted to Production Manager and was responsible for in-house assembly, inspection, and quality control testing of 74 products produced by the company. Joseph managed relations with the company's EMS providers and developed methods to monitor performance and improve both quality and product reliability. Six years later in 2003, he transferred to PC Components as a Sales Representative and subsequently Sales Manager who was also responsible for training new employees. Joseph moved to the management side of the business in 2007 and now focuses on developing methods and systems that allow PCC to raise the bar of expectations within Independent Distribution. 

Joseph completed the IDEA Inspection Workshop in 2008 and feels "This is the direction all reputable Independent Distribution companies must follow."


James Bozarth James Bozarth
Director of Operations

James joined PC Components in 2004 and is responsible for operations and logistics within the organization. His role in the company focuses on developing procedures and methods that allow PC Components to maximize efficiency while exceeding industry standards for quality, delivery, and customer service.

“My goal as Director of Operations at PC Components is to continually improve overall efficiency without compromising the quality and dependability our customers have come to expect. It is my belief that such diligence to process improvement will allow PC Components to set the standard for Independent Distribution. "

In 2008 James completed the IDEA Inspection Workshop and incorporated the inspection methods into PC Components’ already robust quality examination process.

James holds a Bachelors Degree in corporate accounting from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.